Valencia CF Canada offers players an unrivaled soccer experience.

This program is targeted to high performance students athletes thanks to our Valencia CF Academy trainers (UEFA grade). The training content is specifically designed to create players with skills and attributes to compete at the highest level.

The academies provide a world-class development pathway for every player with unique year-round programs.

Valencia CF is one of the most iconic, successful and respected European soccer clubs in the world, with a highly visible network of premier professional and youth players, coaches and fans all over the world.

Valencia CF play in LaLiga, the greatest league in the world, and are fourth overall in the competition’s historic ranking.

Our Soccer Programs contribute to spread worldwide the Valencia CF brand and the symbol of its colors. Valencia CF Academy Canada Soccer Camps, Valencia CF Academy Canada Training Stages and the Valencia CF Academy Canada Soccer Schools are three examples of this task.

The main Objective of the Valencia CF Academy Canada Soccer Programs are to spread the Valencia CF image and philosophy all around the world and to bring the renowned methodology of Valencia CF in every part of the planet