Valencia CF Academy at Bourget Elite World

Elementary, High School and Prep-School

This program is targeted to high performance students’ athletes. Valencia CF academy trainer (UEFA Spain). The content of the training is specifically designed to prepare the athlete for an elite setting.

The Valencia CF methodology encompasses the Canadian LTPD and the proven success development methods of one of the Professional Spanish La Liga top clubs.

Valencia CF Academy offers players an unrivaled soccer experience; it is a competitive environment that allows players to express themselves whilst learning the game. Through the highest possible standard of coaching using a proven professional methodology, we will foster a lifelong love and respect for the game. We will create a family atmosphere in order to produce only the highest quality of individuals and teams

The Academy offers also different programs, it will depend on what the player is looking for.

Training Sessions - Camps

This is a fun based program that uses age-appropriate curriculum where the players learn the solid basics of soccer. Our training camps can take place during days or on residencial. Highly trained coaches will lay the foundation for the player’s future success in soccer and is presented during school vacations.

Elite Academy Level

This is an elite level program. Players in this professional standard academy environment will be required to “set the bar” for soccer regionally and nationally. Players will strive for excellence at all times and embrace challenge in all arenas.

Development Program

All Players can enroll for this program, will be joining an organization that has a history and tradition of producing great youth soccer players. Players will be continually challenged to reach their potential – they will have fun while learning the values of their team and club. Developmental Academy players and teams will be taught to play with passion, energy and a positive attitude.

Goalkeeper Program

This program is tailored for goalkeepers. Goalkeepers in this professional standard academy environment will be required to “set the bar” for soccer regionally and nationally. Goalkeepers will strive for excellence at all times and embrace challenge in all arenas.

Transport / Hotel

High school program only.

Travel is a very real component of the Elite sport life. Managing life on the road, being organized and pursuing school workload are skills that will be need to mastered. These skills will sure to prove to be assets in the adult world where careers often demand discipline and high organizational skills. Travel, accommodations and nutrition will be managed by the academy for the athletes.

Video analysis

Understanding the game on a tactical level is key to be able to deploy a game plan or changes of a game plan during competition. As athletes consider a higher level of competition, an Elite intellectual sport comprehension is the difference between success and failure.

Our Soccer Programs contribute to spread worldwide the Valencia CF brand and the symbol of its colours. Valencia CF Soccer Camps, Valencia CF Training Stages and the Valencia CF Soccer School are three examples of this task.

The main Objective of the Valencia CF Soccer Academy is to give access to the players from here to the philosophy and methodology and coaching the renowned methodology of Valencia CF


To successfully combine football, social responsibility and innovation – creating sport programs that are both open and accessible to everyone, locally and globally.


To give local and International youth football players the opportunity of feeling as a real Valencia CF player, getting the best and most innovative football methods and a training in values “made in” Valencia CF.

Participate in the soccer development of the country

Geographical Area Control

Assist Valencia CF Soccer Academy in the development of a specific methodology and identity

Increase the skills level of Valencia CF Soccer Academy Players

Monitoring Players (Beyond Pulse)

Scout, develop and attract local talent to participate in our programs

Develop quality local coaching staff

Establish a long-term relationship between Valencia CF & CANADA

Access VCF resources and connectivity in European football to enhance the programme

Valencia CF Expansion

MOP and MOT advised and executed by Valencia CF

Improve Valencia CF Academy football development programme and training methodology

Player Assessment

Two times per year we have to do an evaluation of each player of the club. In this way we can help the players and we know the best players we have.

Session Weekly according to Valencia CF plan

Every week one of the teams of the club must work on the training plan for the week to be reviewed by Valencia CF to ensure Valencia CF quality

Valencia CF Image Development

We have to try to develop the image in the proper way. Therefore we publish our teams activity and interactions in social media.

Rec/Send Training Session and Match Weekly

Every day the team has sent the Training Plan, upload a video of one training session and match to be reviewed by Valencia CF Technical staff in Valencia to ensure Valencia CF quality and evaluate coaching and players.

Technical Visits

The Valencia CF Project Manager  visits the Academy at least twice a year.